A Windows program that prints Couder masks

CouderPrn can print any size Couder mask. It is a small program, about 40 KB. It makes use of the printer drivers that are already on your computer and specific to your printer. The most important information from the drivers are the exact dimensions of the print area rectangle. For mask sizes greater than the print area, it will print multiple pages. Registration marks and print area edges will also be drawn. This will help you in cutting out the rectangles and laying them out like tiles on a stiff backing. Cut out the holes after you do the glue up.

CouderPrn prints the even numbered zones horizontally and the odd numbered zones vertically. It does not print zone 1 (center zone). To use it, measure zone 1 with no mask. Next, mount the mask and measure all the even numbered zones. Be careful that you do not move the mirror. Turn the mask 90 degrees and measure all the odd numbered zones. The defaults are for a 15" mirror with 8 zones. To change it, use Edit > Description. - 12 KB exe. (CouderPrn.exe zipped)

The source code is also available as a Visual C++ 6.0 project file (zipped). - The entire project. About 61 KB.

I urge you to visit the Stellafane site links page and read up on Couder masks.

Tom Stokes, March, 2011.

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