The EZ3D Designer Program

Drawings are made by building up simple 3-D components. Four types are available. These are the box, the cylinder, the trapezoid, and the cone (frustrum). This drawing was made using all but the cone. The number of components in this drawing is 27 and the size of the data file is about 8 KB.

While EZ3D can be used to make nice 3-D drawings such as this, it's real value is its ability to help lay out precise dimensions and locations on something you can build in your garage. It is also fun to use it to create images of things you don't intend to build.

The Introduction

There is an on-line "Quick Start" introduction that will get you up to speed in a hurry. It is designed to be printed from your browser and includes a good tutorial. It is only about six pages long and working the tutorial takes only about 20 minutes.

The Program

The program (.exe) is for Windows. It is a Zip file and includes some sample data files. Some of the data files are discussed in the "Quick Start".

The Source code

The source code is a actually a Microsoft Visual C++ vsn 6.0 project file. Programmers might be interested in this.

The Author

Tom Stokes, October, 2008.